Environmental Perspective #4

23 Oct

As a class, we traveled throughout the school to observe the previously unrevealed places for students: where energy is supplied across the school. Through this visit to different places in school, I was able to learn how heating system works in this school and the energy is supplied. Turning on the heating is not as simple as clicking a button, but it is complex involving huge machines. I now appreciate those things that are previously neglected and unappreciated.

I assume that most buildings operate like this at differing degrees; some buildings may be larger and some may be smaller. It is interesting to see that people came out with these machines that can transfer energies from place to place; It may have been revolutionary to change the system. When this system can be more effective and more environmental friendly, revolutionary change may occur positively impacting the world.


Environmental Perspective #3

28 Sep

Temperature 71.4 F

66% Humidity

784.4 mmHg

Mostly Cloudy


Comfort Zones.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

And Robert Frost revealed in his poem The Road Not Taken that choosing a path has made all the difference later.

As the society progressed to favor more urbanized environment rather than the natural environment where we can see pure water flowing down between the yellow woods. These two quotes both demonstrate that people often do not leave their own comfort zones, yet when they do, all the difference are made. A change and innovation only occur when people leave their home. Living in society where competitions thrive and the environment forces you to be less creative, people often lose to enjoy their time and their chances to be who they really are. We are being shaped by the society and conform to the society. We become who the society wants to become. To change this, we have to leave where we are and where we feel happy and comfortable in.

Last day, as a class we left the classroom environment where most learning takes place in and visited the local Tancheon River. From this trip, we were able to find new ourselves by leaving the classroom environment. I feel safe and happy in the classroom because it is where I was raised and found what I enjoy to do. Hence, I figured out that I feel where I feel most comfortable and where I do not want to leave. I like studying not in fields, but sitting in desks. Yet, what can I find studying in classroom when I am only learning what others have found? From the field learning, I can find my own observations and my own feelings about the world. The difference will be made when I leave the comfortable region that I value.

Going in water may not be the best thing for me. I just don’t like leaving the classroom. But to leave a trail, I need to go where there is no path. And, from choosing this new path, the difference will be made.

Leave comfort zones, you will find it not enjoyable. Yet, it will be delightful to look back and the path you have made.

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